Confidential Law Firm, LA

2005 | Los Angeles, CA

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  • ReceptionPhoto: Benny Chan/Fotoworks
  • LoungePhoto: Benny Chan/Fotoworks
  • ReceptionPhoto: Benny Chan/Fotoworks
  • StairwayPhoto: Benny Chan/Fotoworks
  • Secretarial StationPhoto: Benny Chan/Fotoworks
  • Private OfficePhoto: Benny Chan/Fotoworks
This law firm retained STUDIOS to provide interior design services for their downtown Los Angeles office. The central focus of the space is the client reception and conferencing center, located on the 39th floor. Accessed and viewed directly off the elevator lobby, the new reception area is a fluid, visually serene space and serves to facilitate all internal and external meeting, conferencing and teleconferencing requirements. The 38th floor is entirely devoted to attorney offices, library and support spaces, as is half of the 37th floor. Attorney lounges, coffee alcoves and copy areas—clustered adjacent to each landing of an internal connecting stair—encourage daily interaction among all levels of staff.

The overall concept of the space was drawn from subtle variations in flowing patterns and shadow, an effect presented through a layering of finishes, forms and textures. The design itself is simple, and provides an updated backdrop upon which the firm can celebrate its continuing history of growth, collaboration and leadership.

The project scope included site analysis and building comparisons, in-depth review of the law firm’s existing conditions, and detailed programming with each department, as well as with the heads of each practice group.